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Let your personal style do the talking and be uniquely
YOU in your  business.
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Who's this course for?

It's for you if you're a...
  • Female solopreneur who knows you're good and want to stand out from the noisy crowd but don't feel comfortable being the face of your business (and hate seeing photos of yourself).

  • Coach or and consultant who likes to do things a little differently in your business and want to communicate this through your personal branding so you don't have to stand on a chair and shout it out to anyone who might listen.

  • Woman running your own businesses who is so much fun to be with in real life (I see you grinning there!) but whose personality is getting lost in the jostling online crowd.

Kate completely changed the way I think about my branding.  I had never thought about it that way and it made so much sense!  With her reflection and comments, she helped me realize what I really need my brand to communicate and feel like. 
A hundred times thank you Kate. 

Petra Williams, Love your Demons
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Oh no! 
Is this you right now..?

You feel like your business just blends in.  Your business looks like everyone else out there.  There's nothing about you that stands out.  You're being totally overlooked by the people you want to work with and it's making you feel small, insignificant and full of self doubt.

You're working hard at doing what you love, but you're just not making enough money.  You wonder why your ideal clients aren't flocking to you?  You feel anxious and uncertain about the future of your beloved business.  You can't bear to think what will have to happen if your income doesn't improve soon.

You HATE seeing pictures of yourself!  You feel frumpy, self-critical and don't feel good in anything you wear.  Your wardrobe is full of orphans (clothes that don't seem to go with anything else).  You don't even know what your personal style is.  You question whether you even have one?  Nothing feels RIGHT.

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I feel totally overlooked by the people I want to work with and it's filling me with self-doubt.
After I had my kids, I couldn't really work out what to do with my new body.
I became a Mum and suddenly I didn't know what to wear!  Doing this (with Kate) makes you feel confident and good about the body you have right now

Emily Rhodes, Steam and Bake.
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Feeling wobbly about being more visible (because you lack confidence, or your body isn't how you'd like it at the moment, or you feel too old, too young, too something else...)

To this:

To feeling proud and confident in being the face of your business so those clients you want to work with will practically be ringing your phone off the hook!

What if I could take you from this:
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Say hello to One Sassy Bird!

An eight week online course that will give you the secrets and confidence to show up online in your own unique personal style that perfectly aligns with your business branding.

By the end of this course you will:

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  • Discover the colours that look great on you, how to wear them, and how to apply them to your branding.

  • Develop or create a personal style that feels right for you and your unique personality - and that appeals to the clients you want.

  • Learn how to dress your body shape or proportions, whatever your size or shape.  And you'll learn how to dress with more confidence so that you can stand tall and feel you're doing your business proud.

  • Feel confident to book a brand photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist, for a collection of versatile images that you can use online - and that you, and your clients, will love.

Payment Options

These are special, one-off, never-to-be-repeated prices. 

After this launch, the price will go up to the regular pay-in-full price of $1,900. 

One Sassy Bird is different from any other course on the market because...

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whether you're a fancy-frocks-and-frippery kind of gal, or more of a flip-flops-and-cut-offs chick, there is no right or wrong way for you to dress!

This fun, supportive and transformational course is for you if you don't feel confident in your clothes. 


It's for business women of every shape and size whose knees knock at the very thought of having to stands in front of the camera at a branding photo shoot.

When you first started your business, you probably found yourself sitting at your desk - the cockpit of your little empire - in the peace and quiet of your private home office.  {Bliss!}


Your partner would be at work and your children at school {Guilt-free bliss!}

Alone to work on and in your beautiful business.  And you don't even have the stress of what to wear to go to work.  Just you.  Your laptop.  And your pyjamas.

You excitedly got a logo created, and you roughly knew what colours you wanted to use in your business.  Your personal brand is sorted.  Right?  {Hint: Not even nearly.}

Even though work has picked up since those start-up days, you still can't seem to set yourself apart from the others out there who offer similar services to you.


How will the clients you really want to work with ever find you? 

How can you make sure it's you they choose from the crowd?


You have a secret weapon. YOU have discovered the One Sassy Bird course.

If only you were louder.

If only you were more outgoing.

If only you were mind-blowingly self confident,

like all the others seem to be.

But the very thought of you having to be like this

has you clutching at your pearls!

You try to make regular social media posts and update your website, but your business has no personality (even though you have plenty) and yet you persevere because, after all, you know that being online is all about being visible.

A couple of years into your business you took a deep breath and grimaced through your first professional photo shoot.

You only use one or two of all those images that were taken.  The rest weren't you at all.

So all anyone ever sees of you are these couple of images that do the rounds for every single occasion.


If a prickly fear of public humiliation, a niggling lack of self-confidence, and full-body discomfort are holding you back from allowing your business to become irresistibly attractive to the clients you want to work with, then this course has your name written all over it.

Module 1

Colour, you and your mutual relationship

  • Your personal colour analysis - which colours look good on you? (Receive your own Digital Colour Palette.)

  • What colour means to you?

  • What colours are in your wardrobe.

  • What colours are in your branding?

  • The psychology of colour.

Module 2

Get acquainted with the Colours that suit YOU

  • Bringing relevance and purpose into your outfits.

  • Discover the colours that make your eyes 'pop', and your hair and skin look healthy.

  • How to choose the right colour glasses, makeup and hair dye for you.

  • How to get your colours to 'speak' to your dream clients.

Module 3

  • Let's do a Wardrobe Audit - what's in yours and why?

  • The psychology of clothes: What are you clothes saying about you?

  • Creating your 'Dream Solopreneur  Wardrobe'.

Module 4

  • What's your Style Archetype - take the Quiz.

  • Identify your primary and secondary archetypes.

  • Learn how to create outfits now you know your style archetypes?

Dressing to your
Style Archetypes

What are your clothes
saying about you?

Read More

Dressing for your personal style and your physical build

  • ​​What's your style personality - take the quiz.

  • Let's identify your physical build.

  • How to dress the yin and yang parts of your body...

  • ... and how to translate all this to your branding.

Module 6

Your body shape
and how to dress it

  • ​​Let's identify your body shape.

  • How to dress the upper and lower parts of your body.

  • Where to place necklines.

  • Where to end your hems (skirts, jackets, sleeves, trousers, etc)


Prints, patterns and the scale of clothes and accessories

  • ​​The clothing alterations that will help you wear nearly everything.

  • The beauty of repetition in your clothes.

  • Wearing prints and patterns - which ones would suit you?

  • How to choose the right scale of accessories for you.



Module 5

Module 7

Module 8

  • How to decide what to wear and how to look.

  • How to find the perfect makeup artist and hairstylist for you.

  • Let's storyboard your photoshoot.

  • How to source a great branding photographer.

  • What to remember on your photo shoot day.

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Whether you prefer fancy frocks or flip flops, there's no right or wrong way for you to dress.
If you are running a small service business, your brand is YOU
Colourful, fun, kind and very clever.  Kate takes you from hating to have your photo taken and feeling self-conscious, to networking and being the face of your business.  ​
Because I don’t have a physical product, I needed photos that weren't stock images. Kate helped me to understand which colours and clothing styles looked great on me. Honestly, if you’re dreading getting photos done, or if you’ve done ‘version one’ and you try not to think about them too much, then something like this is just fabulous.


Sandy Taylor, The Small Business Marketing Coach 

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Hi there,
Kate here!

I'm a Personal Brand Stylist - which is basically a personal stylist who specialises in personal branding. 

Over the past (nearly) decade I've helped literally hundreds of women with their personal image and style.


I've rejoiced with (sometimes weeping) women as they've begun to see how wearing certain colours changes their complexion and knocks years off them; and how wearing particular styles of clothing flatters their body shape and makes them feel like dancing in front of the mirror.

Over time, I realised that my clients were booking me because they had made a connection with me online.  This has led me to helping other business women attract more of their ideal clients by doing by communicating their brand with their image.

The One Sassy Bird online course enables me to help female solopreneurs anywhere in the world to have the confidence to stand up and be the face of their business.

If you relate as a sassy solopreneur who wants help feeling comfortable being the face of your business, I would love to invite you to to join me on the One Sassy Bird course. 


Your future clients will thank you! ​

With best wishes,



PS.  Some useless trivia about me:  

  • I'm a huge introvert and love it when parties cancel.

  • I have sensory issues and can't stand to have dirt on my hands or feet.

  • I'm a strong believer that a good cup of tea can solve practically anything.

  • I've rarely been known to say no to a cheeky gin and tonic.

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Now, let's imagine...

You get up in the morning and know exactly what you're going to wear today. 


You feel so good about yourself. 


You're ready to work in your business - and you don't care who sees you. 


In fact, you hope everyone sees you!

Your first client of the day is someone who tells you they discovered you simply by Googling the service you offer. 


And they simply had to work with you because your website 'spoke to them'. 


They made an instant connection with you and your brand simply based on how you present yourself online.

This afternoon you're going to create a few social media posts to schedule for the following week. 


You know exactly how you want to show up in images and videos. 


How you dress makes you feel confident but also ties in magically with your business branding. 


You know your personal brand is becoming instantly recognisable and it's that which is filling your diary with clients you had previously only dreamed of.